Macedonia Baptist Church
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Church Constitution

In order that we may preserve, secure, and pass on to our posterity the principles of our faith, and to the end that this Christian body may be governed in an orderly manner consistent with the generally accepted practices of the Southern Baptist Churches and in order that we may preserve the liberties inherent in each individual member of this church and promote the freedom of action of this body with respect to and in relation to other churches of like faith, we do declare, establish, and set forth this Constitution.
This body shall be known as the Macedonia Baptist Church, 4127 Rucker Blvd., Enterprise, Alabama.
It shall be the purpose of this church to worship God through Jesus Christ, His Son, to proclaim the Kingdom of God so that the unsaved may be won and the unchurched may be enlisted, to educate the church member and their children that they may grow in Christ's likeness, to perform personal ministries according to the intentions of Christ, and to encourage Christian fellowship.
1. To proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior through worship, witness, education, example, ministry, and to honor Christ above all else.
2. To share the Christian gospel with every person in order to help him understand and know God personally as He is revealed through Jesus Christ both in the Bible and our personal experience.
3. To assist Christians and families to grow to maturity in the Christian life.
4. To be a community of Christians providing comfort, edification, acceptance, forgiveness, and strength to all with the material and spiritual resources God has placed at our disposal.
5. To develop a special concern for the community in verbal and active ways.  This is to be sharing what Christ means to us.

6. To extend our lives as an ecclesia (called-out), witnessing through the world in accordance with the Great commission, to places where Christian faith and its interpretation need our assistance.
This church receives the Holy Scriptures as its authority in matters of faith and practice. Our understanding of Christian truths as contained therein is in essential agreement with the beliefs of Baptist churches as set forth in the Articles of Faith adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention, May 9, 1963. (See appendix A).
The government of this church is vested in the body of baptized believers who compose it. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body, but it recognizes and sustains the obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation, which are common among Baptist churches.
A. The title to the property of the church shall be vested in a corporation duly organized and existing according to and by virtue of the laws of the State of Alabama respecting religious corporations. The said corporation shall consist of five members, all of whom shall be members of this church, elected by this church, and shall hold and manage the estate, property interest and inheritance of this church in accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama. The name of the corporation is "The Trustees of the Macedonia Baptist Church".
B. All business meetings of the church shall be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, except as otherwise provided in the By-Laws.
Subject to the procedures set forth in the By-Laws, nothing shall abridge the right of any member to make a motion on any matter at a regular church business meeting. Provided the motion is duly seconded, parliamentary procedures as specified by Robert's Rules of Orders, Revised shall be followed.
C. No committee, officer, employee, or the fellowship of deacons and/or Yokefellows shall have any authority except to make recommendations to the church and carry out the expressed will of the church. 
D. The church recognizes the spiritual basis of cooperating with other Southern Baptist Churches through organized associations. For this reason it associates itself with the Coffee Baptist Association, the Alabama Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention. The church shall, by formal vote, elect messengers to meetings of these groups. Such messengers shall make a

report of the church following the meetings, and make any recommendations for action by the church, which is deemed advisable. No messengers shall have the authority to commit the church to any authorization of such action by the church.
E. Any member who, in the judgment of the Church, gives evidence of his piety, zeal, and fitness to preach, and who believes that God has called him to the work of the ministry and who has been examined and recommended by the pastor and fellowship of deacons, and/or Yokefellows, may be licensed to preach the gospel provided three-fourths of the members present at a regular church business meeting agree thereto.
F. Upon request of a southern Baptist Church any member of this church who has met the qualification for licensing outlined above, may be ordained to the gospel ministry by this church, provided this action is duly recommended by a properly constituted ordaining council.
G. Tithes, gifts, grants and donation.
       1. Principles
 The church, as an organized group of redeemed followers of Christ dedicated to the worship of God, is the agency through which a Christian should express his stewardship. The church has the obligation to provide and maintain a scripturally founded program of worship, evangelism, missions, education, and other services which will provide a worthy, challenging opportunity for personal stewardship. Tithes, offerings, gifts and grants should be given to the church or through the church and should be made only for the purpose of honoring and glorifying Jesus Christ.
     2. Policy
This church shall teach, encourage and assist the members in the practice of Christian stewardship, including tithing, as taught in the Bible.
The adopted program of work of the church in worship evangelism, mission education, expansion, and Christian service shall be financed through a unified budget plan by which each member should participate with his tithes and offerings.
Tithes and offerings by the members and friends of the church are the approved means of financial support of this church. Special campaigns to solicit and collect offerings from members by individuals or groups without the expressed approval of the church are contrary to this policy.
The offer of any gift, donation, or grant that involves any conditions or responsibilities of the church not clearly covered here shall be referred for review and consideration to the Church Council who may bring recommendations to the church with regard to the matter.

Sales, benefits, and other such means of raising funds by entities of the church, for use in their respective programs, are subject to the approval of the church. Program directors will strive to limit the number of fund raisers required to support their activities.
No gifts, grants, or donations from any agency, which would violate the principle of Separation of Church and State, shall be accepted.
This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting at any business meeting of the church, or at a meeting especially called for that purpose. The proposed amendment shall be placed before the church in writing not less than one month before voted upon. The proposed amendment will be inserted in the bulletin on each Lord's Day before such meeting or copies shall be made available at the church each Lord's Day before such meeting. All proposed amendments shall be submitted to the church moderator who will assure that the language of such amendments is generally consistent with the language of this constitution.
In order to make effective this constitution as set forth herein, we hereby enact the following By-Laws.
The membership of this church shall be composed of persons who have professed the Lord Jesus as Savior, and who have followed the Lord in believer's baptism by immersion and have been received by vote of this church. Members are expected to abide by the constitution, By-Laws and covenant of this church. New members are encouraged to attend the New Members Class of our church at which time they will receive a copy of this document and be instructed in the policy of Macedonia Baptist Church.
A. A member of another Baptist church of like faith and order may be accepted upon a letter of transferal from the church.
B. Anyone who has been a member of a Baptist church of like faith and order and, in consequence of peculiar circumstances has no regular letter of transferal, may be received into our fellowship upon a satisfactory statement of Christian experience.
C. A member of another Christian church who has not been immersed may be accepted as a member upon statement by such member of past Christian experience and upon baptism by immersion.
D. Anyone who has been baptized by immersion in another evangelical church and who satisfies the pastor and deacons and/or Yokefellows that he subscribes to the doctrines and covenant of this church may be accepted as a member.
Members are expected, first of all to be faithful in all the duties essential to the Christian life; and also to attend regularly services of this church, to give regularly for its support and its causes, and to share in its organized work.
All members may vote in the transactions of the church.
After election into the church (see Section 1) the continuance of membership shall be subject to the following:
A. Any member in good and regular standing who desires a letter of dismissal and recommendation sent of any other Baptist church is entitled to have it sent upon his request. In case of removal to another community, he should promptly make such request.
B. If a member requests to be released from his covenant obligations to this church for reasons which the church may deem satisfactory, after it shall have patiently and kindly endeavored to secure his continuance in its fellowship, such requests will be granted and his membership terminated.
C. This body reserves the right to administer discipline with regard to its members.
Any person whose membership has been terminated for any reason may be restored by vote of the church, upon evidence of his repentance and reformation.

Public services shall be held at regularly scheduled hours on Sunday morning and Sunday evening, and at a midweek service to be designated by the church. Other religious meetings may be scheduled by the Church Council upon recommendation of the pastor or the Deacons/Yokefellow Ministry. The Lord's Supper shall be observed once a quarter and at such as the pastor or the deacons and/or Yokefellows may determine.
A. The regular business meeting shall be held on the third Sunday of each month, or at such other times as may be announced by the pastor or Deacons/Yokefellow Ministry.
B. Business may be conducted at any business meeting at which a quorum is present. A quorum shall be 14 adult members 18 or over. This, is no way, shall deprive any member of his right to vote.
C. At any of the regular meetings for worship, the church may, without special notice, act upon the dismissal of members to other churches, and upon the appointment of delegates to councils or denominational meetings. Those coming for church membership shall be accepted as candidates for membership and voted on at the next regular business meeting.
D. The pastor may, and shall, when requested by the deacons and/or Yokefellows, trustees, or a standing committee, call from the pulpit special business meetings, the particular object of the meeting being clearly stated in the notice. Special business meetings may also be called by the pastor deacons and/or Yokefellows upon the written request five adult members. Notice of such special meetings appears in writing in the church bulletin at least one week prior to the meeting.
E. The moderator shall be the pastor. In his absence then it will be one of the deacons and/or Yokefellows.
F. In conducting business meetings the assembly shall be guided by Robert's Rules of Order. Every member wishing to speak must first be recognized by the moderator. The moderator shall allow every opportunity for full discussion on every subject before it is brought to a vote. Sensitive issues will be decided by secret ballot.
G. Proposed expenditures not covered in the budget must be submitted to the Finance Committee, who will make their recommendation to the church for approval or disapproval at the next business meeting.

Church program organization and program services shall be created and/or continued as a means of performing the work of our church and attaining church objectives and goals. Only such organizations as are needed for this purpose shall be set into operation. The church year shall be from September 1st through August 31st. The financial year shall be January 1st through December 31st.
All organizations of the church shall be under church control, all officers being elected by the church and reporting monthly to the church. The directors and officers of the various organizations may succeed themselves upon recommendation of the church nominating committee, and subject to approval by the church membership.
The purpose of the Sunday School shall be to reach, teach, and win the lost and to develop Christians in mature, Christ-like personality through bible study and devotion.
The membership of the Sunday School shall consist of all persons who are enrolled in the departments and classes of the Sunday School.
The officers and teachers shall be members of the church and their duties shall include: The primary responsibility of each teacher is to try at all times to lead those pupils who are lost to know Jesus Christ and those pupils who are Christians to follow Him in a closer walk. Their duties shall also include visitation with class members and prospective members and continuing training, including regular attendance at the officers and teachers meetings. The officers and teachers shall strive to be a good example in leading their pupils to all worship services. Each officer and teacher must relate his work and the lives of all pupils to the total program of the church.
The purpose of Discipleship Training shall be to train all members of the church in Christian witnessing and service. A general director of the Discipleship Training shall be elected by the church at the July business meetings. The duties of these officers and workers shall be those ordinarily designated in the approved denominational standards. All Discipleship Training officers and teachers shall be members of the church.
The purposes of Woman's Missionary Union shall be to promote Christian missions through a program of mission study, prayer, community missions, and stewardship. Whenever possible, the W.M.U. shall aid in housing and entertainment of visiting workers. The membership of Woman's Missionary Union shall be composed of those persons enrolled in Woman's Missionary Society, Baptist Young Women, Girls in Action and Mission Friends. The duties of all officers shall be as set

forth in the current year book of Woman's Missionary Union --Southern Baptist Convention, the Woman's Missionary Union Manual, and the youth leadership manuals or guides of the respective organizations. The officers shall be member of the church.
The purposes of the Brotherhood shall be to engage in mission activities, teach missions and interpret, and under gird the work of the local church and the denomination. The duties of all officers shall be as set forth in the current Southern Baptist yearbook for each of the various organizations within the Brotherhood.
The purpose of the Church Music Ministry shall be to glorify God through music in every organization of the church, and in all worship services of the church. It finds expressions in every area of worship, education, and evangelism. The ministry of music is designed for all members, and they shall be encouraged to participate in the choir, to join in congregational singing, and to grow in appreciation of all hymns appropriate for worship. The responsibility for the Church Music Ministry lies primarily with the Minister of Music. He or she will work closely with the pastor and the music committee in the planning, practicing, and performing of all church music. The membership of the music ministry is made up of all persons engaged in music activities of the church. Those in places of leadership within the church music ministry shall be members of the church.
The church may form such other organizations as are necessary to carry out its mission. These shall be added according to procedures as listed in Article VIII, Amendments to By-Laws.
Macedonia Baptist Church shall have at least the following officers: pastor, deacons and/or Yokefellows, five trustees, clerk, assistant clerk, treasurer, assistant treasurer, financial secretary and minister of music. All church officers shall be members of this church.
A. The pastor shall be in charge of the welfare and spiritual guidance of the church; he shall be an ex officio member of all organizations, departments, and committees; he may call a special meeting of the deacons and/or Yokefellows and any committees according to procedures which may be set forth in the By-Laws; he shall conduct religious services on stated and special occasions, administer the ordinances, minister to members of the church and community, and perform other duties usually pertaining to that office. He shall have special charge of the pulpit ministry of the church, and shall in cooperation with the deacons and/or Yokefellows, provide for pulpit supply when he is absent and arrange for workers to assist in revival meetings and other special services. He shall be the administrative head of the church, supervise the daily work of office personnel, supervise ministerial staff, and approve absences and vacations of all church employees and staff.
B. Our pastor shall have the following qualifications:
     1. He shall have the spiritual qualifications as set forth in I Timothy 3.
     2. He shall be ordained by a Baptist church of like faith and order.
     3. He shall be the husband of one wife (this will apply to Pastor and Interim Pastor).
     4. He shall be twenty-one years old or older.
     5. His doctrinal beliefs shall be consistent with our church covenant and articles of faith.
     6. His past record shall show moral goodness and he shall be known to pay his financial obligations.
C. The call of the pastor shall take place at a special called business meeting or a regular business meeting. At least one week's notice of such meeting shall be given to the membership. The pastor search committee shall bring only one name at a time for consideration to the church, and no nomination shall be made except that of the committee. Election shall be by secret ballot with the affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of those church members present and voting necessary for a call. No absentee ballots will be accepted. Should the one recommended by the committee fail to receive the necessary vote, the committee shall be instructed to seek out another minister, and the meeting shall be adjourned without debate.
D. The pastor shall have one day per week of his own choosing, free from church duties to be used for the pleasure of himself and his family. This day may be in addition to Saturday.
E. A pastor shall be called by the church to serve until the relationship is dissolved at the request of either the pastor or the church. In either case, at least thirty days notice shall be given on the intent to terminate the relationship, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, with both the pastor and the church, seeking to follow the will of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

A. The church recognizes a group called the fellowship of deacons, whose members shall be ordained Baptist deacons. All members of the fellowship will be set apart as servants of the church, and they shall continually and actively promote all organizations and activities of the church. They should be of particular help to the church in matters pertaining to soul winning, church fellowship, and church promotion. There shall be an annual rotation based on the number of positions becoming vacant at the end of that year. The maximum number of positions of the fellowship of deacons for any calendar year shall be six. However, when the church grows to the point that additional deacons are needed, the number may be increased without amending these By-Laws.
B. The qualifications of a deacon shall include the following:
     1. Spiritual, full of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom, and full of faith.
     2. Moral, grave, right in regard to speech, and total abstainers of strong drink.
     3. Sound in doctrine and right in family relationships.
     4. Set the Christian example of giving which includes at least the tithe.
     5. Shall be the husband of but one wife.
C. Deacons shall be elected at the regular May business meeting of the church, to take office June 1. They shall serve for a period of three (3) years. Each year the term of one-third of the deacons shall expire. To insure that a minimum of three (3) deacons are in office at the beginning of each year, a deacon whose term has expired may be re-elected for a one-year term. However, it is the intent of this church that its deacons whose term of office has expired may not serve in an active capacity again until after the expiration of at least one year. For a person to be elected as a deacon, they must receive a minimum vote of 75% of the church members present and voting.
D. Any man nominated to serve as a deacon shall have been a member of this church for one (1) full year before taking office. Suggestions for possible candidates may be made at the regularly scheduled business meeting in March. The deacons working with the pastor, shall be, or shall appoint, a screening committee to receive and examine the nominations and present them to the church in the May business meeting. All nominations must have prior consent of the nominee. The election shall be by secret ballot with no absentee ballots allowed.
In case of death, resignation, or unfilled position, a special election shall be held to fill the unexpired term. At such business meetings, nominations may be submitted, and election on those nominations will be held at the following business meeting.
E. There is no obligation to constitute a brother as a deacon, who comes to the church from another church where he served as a deacon.
F.  In accordance with the meaning of the Word and the practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the church.
     1. They are to be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church in the bonds of peace.
     2. They shall serve as a council of advice and confer with the pastor in all matters pertaining to the welfare and work of the church. With the pastor, they are to consider and formulate plans for the consistent effort and progress of the church in all things pertaining to the saving of souls, the development of Christians, the extension and growth of the Kingdom of God.
     3.      The deacons shall utilize the Family Ministry Plan to ensure contact with all members of the church. Those attending the church but not members shall also be added to the plan. They should strive to seek to know the physical needs, moral and physical struggles of its members and they should strive to serve the whole church in relieving and encouraging all who are in need.
     4. In counsel with the pastor and by such methods as the Holy Spirit may direct, in accordance with the New Testament teachings, they are to have oversight of the discipleship of the church, in administrating which they are to be guided always by the principles set forth in Matthew 18:15-17; I Corinthians 5:9-13; I Thessalonians 5:12-14. The deacons shall be free to call upon any member of the church to aid in disciplinary action.
     5. It shall be the duty of the deacons to recommend dismissal of an individual from any church position unless otherwise specified in the constitution, by-laws, or church policy letters and as specified in Article 5, Sections 1 and 2.
     6. They shall assist the pastor in administering the ordinance of the Lord's Supper, and in visitation of church families.
The church recognizes a group called the Yokefellows.  All members of the Yokefellows will be set apart as servants of the church.  They shall continually and actively promote all church organizations and activities of the church.  They shall be willing to e trained and should be of particular help to the church in matters pertaining to church fellowship, church promotions, soul winning, and church visitation, setting an example of giving which includes at least the tithe.  There can be as many as 9 serving at one time.  They can be elected at any regular or special called business meeting to serve a one-year term.  To be elected as a Yokefellow requires a minimum vote of 50% of the church.  They shall serve as a counsel of assistance and advice to the Pastor and Deacons.  With the Deacons, the Yokefellows will work hand-in-hand to implement plans for the consistent effort and progress of the church in all things pertaining to the saving of souls, the development of Christians, and the extension and growth of the Kingdom of God.  Service as a Yokefellow does not automatically mean an individual will become a Deacon.  All Yokefellows who meet the requirements to be a Deacon and feel the call to move toward that goal will train through ministry side-by-side with the Deacons in order to prepare for possible future service as a Deacon.  All Yokefellows will work together with the Deacons of the church to minister to church members and assist the Pastor as needed to carry out the ministry of the church. The leadership and direction of the Yokefellows shall be he responsibility of the Chairman of the Deacons. Yokefellows will meet with the Deacons and may vote.  In the event of a Yokefellow vacancy, regardless of the reason, the Pastor, at the request of the chairman of the Yokefellows, may call for an election of someone to fill the unexpired term. The person elected by the church will serve until that unexpired term would normally end.
The church shall elect five (5) members to serve for one-year terms, as trustees. Vacancies will be filled, as they occur, at any regularly scheduled business meeting.
The trustees shall, as provided by law and the action of the church, hold in trust the title to all property of the church, and shall represent the church in all matters of legal responsibility regarding the purchase, improvement and disposal of church property. They shall execute all legal papers relating to the church; however, they shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer any church property without a specific vote of the church authorizing such action, neither shall they have any control over the use of the church property except by vote of the church.

The church clerk and assistant clerk shall be elected annually in August and begin their terms of office September 1. The clerk shall have charge of all books, records, and other papers of the church (except financial records), taking minutes of all business transacted by the church at its regular, special or other meetings. He or she shall keep an accurate register of names of members, with dates of admission, dismissal or death, together with records of baptism. He shall conduct the correspondence of the church and forward the annual report to the association. All clerk books and records shall be the property of the church.
The assistant clerk shall serve in the absence of the clerk.
The church shall elect annually a church treasurer and assistant treasurer, in August, with their terms of office to begin on January 1. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to preserve and pay out all money or things of value paid or given to the church, keeping at all times an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. Payment of obligations incurred by the church shall be made promptly. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to render to the finance Committee at each regular meeting a report of receipts and disbursements for the preceding period and report shall be furnished to the church at its regular meetings. Within thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar year, the treasure shall render an annual report showing the total amount of receipts and categorized statement of all disbursements to the Finance and Budget Committee and to the church. The books of the treasurer shall be open to inspection by any member of the church. The Audit Committee shall ensure an audit of the church’s financial records is conducted annually or as instructed by the church. This audit may be conducted by a professional auditor (accountant or bookkeeper) or by the Audit Committee as determined by a quorum vote during the regular November business meeting. Upon its acceptance, it shall be delivered to the church clerk, who shall keep and preserve it as a part of the permanent records of the church. Safe deposit boxes, rented by the church, shall be accessible to the treasurer and the trustees. The treasurer shall, upon the election of his successor, promptly deliverer to the chairman of the Finance Committee all church financial books, records, and accounts in his possession. If the treasurer is changed, the Finance Committee shall arrange for an audit, before delivering the records to the incoming treasurer.
The Treasurer will serve as an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee. In the absence of the treasurer, the assistant treasurer shall assume his duties.
At the request of the Nominating Committee, the Yokefellows and Personnel Committee, in a joint meeting may authorize the church secretary to serve as treasurer. She will not have the responsibility of signing checks and does not have to be a member of the church. The recommendation from these three committees will be presented to the church by a member of the Personnel Committee. This can be presented in a regular or special called business meeting. The Personnel Committee will also present job description changes to the church at the same meeting.
The financial secretary shall be elected annually in August and take office on January 1. He shall receive the empty collection envelopes after the money has been removed by the tellers and from these he shall give each donor individual credit in a suitable record book. He shall also be responsible for providing statements to all members annually. He shall consider his records to be confidential and, therefore, shall reveal their contents only by approval of the Finance Committee. An individual may examine his own account in the presence of the financial secretary and may request copies of his own records. In the event of a change in Financial Secretary, the outgoing Financial Secretary shall complete giving records for the previous year and send copy to individuals. If the Financial Secretary relocates during the year, the incoming Financial Secretary shall assume responsibilities of completing all giving records.

The Minister of Music shall be presented to the church by the search committee to serve on a full-time, part-time or temporary basis, and is elected by the church for an indefinite period. At least one week's notice shall be given prior to the vote. The relationship may be terminated by either party giving thirty (30) days notice of the intention to do so. The Minister of Music shall be charged with the responsibility for providing worshipful music for the church. He is to cooperate with the pastor and other leaders in the selection of suitable music and the devising of appropriate musical programs for all occasions where such services are needed.
A. In the event that the church has a ministry staff vacancy, the moderator shall call for the election of an appropriate Search Committee. The church will nominate by secret ballot 3 men and 2 women to serve on the committee. The Nominating Committee will tally the nominations, and then begin seeking out those nominated, beginning with those with the most nominations, until they have filled the committee. The committee shall consist of 3 men and 2 women. To be elected to the search committee, the person must have been nominated by at least 50% of the church members present and casting ballots. There will be no absentee ballots. The Search Committee will elect their own chairperson.
B. In the event of a vacancy in a non-ministry staff position, the Personnel Committee
shall serve as the Search Committee.
C. The call of a staff member shall take place at a special called business meeting or a regular business meeting. At least one-week notice of such meeting shall be given to the membership.  In all cases, the appropriate Search Committee will present only one person to the church at a time for election to the position. No nomination shall be made except that of the committee. Election shall be by secret ballot with the affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of church members present and voting necessary to extend a call. No absentee ballots will be accepted. Should the one recommended by the committee fail to receive the necessary vote, the committee shall be instructed to seek out another for the staff position, and the meeting shall be adjourned without debate.
D. The election of a Search Committee may be held at any regular or special called
business meeting for that purpose, as long a one-week notice has been given about the election.
E. In the event that there is a resignation from the Search Committee, the Nominating
Committee will present two names to be voted on by the church to fill the vacancy. The church
will select one for the vacancy.
The Sunday School Director shall have general supervision of the entire Sunday School, including selection of the Division Directors. He shall administer the affairs of the Sunday School in cooperation with and according to the plans and methods of The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist convention, subject to the approval of the local church. He shall acquaint himself with the best methods of religious education and endeavor to adopt them in this school. He shall counsel regularly with his officers and teachers through scheduled meetings. He shall see that a full and accurate report is made of the work of the Sunday School at the regular business meetings of the church. His term of office shall begin September 1, after his election in June.
The Sunday School Director, with the assistance of his Division Directors, shall be responsible for submitting a slate of teachers and workers to the church, in August of each year. These teachers and workers will assume their duties the first Sunday of September. Removal of teachers and workers will be accomplished only with the concurrence of the deacons and the Sunday School Director will recommend to the church a suitable replacement to be elected by the church.
The Discipleship Training Director shall have charge of the discipleship training activities. He shall endeavor to adopt training programs, subject to the approval of the church. He shall see that a full and accurate report is given to the regular business meetings of the church. His term shall begin September 1, after election in June. The Discipleship Training Director shall be responsible for submitting a slate of teachers and workers to the church, in August of each year. These teachers and workers would assume their duties the first Sunday of September. Removal of teachers and workers will be accomplished only with the concurrence of the deacons and the Discipleship Training Director will recommend to the church a suitable replacement to be elected by the church.
The Brotherhood Director shall seek to enlist the men and boys of the church in an active program for Christ. He shall see that a full and accurate report is given at the regular business meetings of the church. His term shall being September 1, after election by the Brotherhood and approval by the church.
The Woman's Missionary Union Director shall seek to enlist all the women and the youth of the church in a program of missions, giving, training, and activities according to plans promoted by the Woman's Missionary Union auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention. She shall see that a full and accurate report is given at the regular business meetings of the church. Her term shall begin September 1, after election by the Women's Missionary Union and approval by the church.
The Church Council shall meet at least quarterly to correlate, coordinate and promote the activities of the church, to insure a balanced and non-conflicting schedule of church functions.
The Council shall be composed of the pastor, Sunday School Director, DiscipleshipTraining Director, Woman's Missionary Union Director, Brotherhood Director, Chairman of the Deacons and/or Yokefellows, Music Director, Minister of Youth, chairman of all standing committees, Usher Coordinator, Sound Coordinator, and Transportation Coordinator
The church shall elect such standing committees as may be deemed necessary to carry on the various programs of the church efficiently and effectively. In any event, the church shall at all times have the following standing committees: Nominating, Finance, Building & Grounds, Personnel, Youth, Flower, Publicity, Social, Counting, Library, Recreation, Cemetery, Audit, Long-Range Planning, Welcome, Usher, and Wednesday Night Supper. With the exception of the youth committee, no standing or special committee shall be composed of more than one youth.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate persons to serve for the succeeding year on the standing committees, except for the Nominating Committee. A slate of candidates for the Nominating Committee shall be prepared by the Church Council during its first quarter meeting and presented to the church for election in April. The new nominating committee shall assume their duties May 1. 

The adoption of this Constitution and By-Laws shall repeal all previously adopted rules.
A current copy of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be kept at all times by the clerk among his records and another current copy in the church office.
All situations not covered by this Constitution and By-Laws shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, a copy of which shall be kept in the church office.
An amendment to these By-Laws can be submitted only by the deacons and/or Yokefellows or standing committees. An announcement of the proposed meeting and proposed amendment must be made no later than the Sunday prior to the regular or special business meeting by the following means:
1. Announcement in the church bulletin.
2. Announcement from pulpit, Sunday morning and evening.
An amendment requires a majority vote of members of the church present at any business meeting called for that purpose provided a quorum is present. All proposed amendments will be presented to the deacons for discussion who will make a recommendation on the proposed amendment.